VIDEO What is Turvatikas Safety Ladder

VIDEO Installation profile B with End Bow B50

VIDEO Installation Ladder TBA I on to tubular tower

VIDEO Installation ladder TBA I to lattice tower with fasteners No 55/56/57

VIDEO Climbing Carriage No 932CE

Product catalogue 2021

Turvatikas Safety Ladder provides extensive Installation and User -manuals online, which can be found on this website. The videos above are for guidance only and are not installation instructions as such.


A periodic inspection must be conducted on Vertical Profile B and Turvatikas Safety Ladders by an inspector authorised by Eltel Networks Corporation at least once a year. A periodic inspection includes checking that the Safety Ladder system continues to meet the requirements set for it, preparing a report and keeping it in an appropriate place as well as adding an inspection sticker indicating the date of inspection onto the Safety Ladder system or in its immediate vicinity.
If an inspection is not carried out within a maximum of 12 months from the previous inspection, use of the system must be prohibited until it has been inspected by a certified inspector. Turvatikas Safety Ladder system can always be inspected while climbing, which means that the inspection does not require any other systems or aid – such as cranes – in order to be inspected.
Turvatikas Safety Ladder Inspector’s certificates are available free of charge after conducting the Inspector’s Certificate Exam online. One can apply for the certification by studying the installation and inspection manuals. Turvatikas also offers the installers an assembly game to support the studying for the certificate exam.

After one has successfully passed the exam, the certificate will be sent via email. The certificate is valid for three years, after which it needs to renewed.
Please note, that the Turvatikas Safety Ladder Inspector’s Certificates are personal and cannot be granted for an organization.