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Turvatikas Safety Ladder

A fall prevention system. Turvatikas Safety Ladder ensures safe and efficient work at heights. You need to use hands only to steer the climbing which enhances the work efficiency.

Easy to install. System can be adapted to different structures: it can be installed on pre-existing ladders, industrial chimneys or any other high structures. Safety Ladder products don't require maintenance and they last long.

Some of Our Partners

  • Fingrid
  • Eles
  • AST
  • Telia
  • Elisa
  • Ramboll
  • Destia
  • Steelcon
  • Teracom

The system is available in hot-dip galvanized steel or acid proof steel AISI 316 for challenging circumstances. We can also paint the system for enhanced aesthetics.

We offer design service, clear installation instructions and support when it is needed.
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