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Turvatikas Safety Ladder

A fall prevention system. Turvatikas Safety Ladder ensures safe and efficient access to high voltage overhead line towers. The system is tested according to the EN353-1:2014 standard.
Easy to install. The Turvatikas Safetyladder system can be installed on any kind of overhead line tower in all voltage levels. The system is maintenance free and has a long lifetime.

Some of Our Partners

  • Fingrid
  • Eles
  • AST
  • Telia
  • Elisa
  • Ramboll
  • Destia
  • Steelcon
  • Teracom

Our experience in the field of occupational safety in power transmission is solid. Our satisfied customers include national transmission system operators Fingrid (Finland) and ELES (Slovenia).

We offer design service, clear installation instructions and support when it is needed.

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