Support Lanyard Cresto 2370-10M

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  • Support lanyard with soft one hand-adjusting grip. 
  • Made of 11 mm kern mantel rope with fibers of Polyamide. 
  • The rope can withstand bad weather and moisture and used in product tested for sharp edges. 
  • The lanyard has a low weight and all metal components is in aluminum. 
  • The lanyard is certified as absorbing flexible lanyard EN 353-2 and suitable to arrest a fall. 
  • The absorbing function is friction between the adjusting grip and the rope in a soft way. 
  • It is important to have the rope in pretension as much as possible and to have 30 cm spare for the brake function at the end. 
  • The best product for both restraint and fall arrest together. 
  • Complies with EN 358 and EN 353-2